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  1. Hello Bienchen, and thank you for your mods. I have the ’no wildlife attack‘ mod but it doesn’t work. I tested on a new save file and had my sim go hiking and he got attacked. Does this mod need updating? I just downloaded it 2 days ago and tested yesterday (April 7th).

    1. Hi Chi,
      I actually made a mistake when uploading that one, I’m really sorry. I deleted the wrong xmls by accident when cleaning up the file before uploading – in fact I deleted the xmls that I intended to keep and kept the ones I wanted to delete. I’ve already fixed it, but haven’t had time to reupload the fixed version. I promise it will be good after the next update.
      Best regards

  2. Hi Bienchen! Thanks so much for all your great mods, I can’t live without them!
    I see there is a noautonomousappraiseautograph mod, but is it possible for you to make a mod, or do you know any existing mods, that can stop sims from autonomous viewing objects? When visitings restaurants (or other lots) I found it so annoying that my sims keep leaving their seats and viewing paintings, flowers and other deco stuffs. I have the restaurantsittweak installed, but they just can’t resist the urge to view around.
    Thank you!!

    1. Hi Yuuni,
      I’m currently working on exactly the mod you requested, but I haven’t finished testing it yet.
      I’m also working to enhance the restaurantsittweak further.
      Best regards

  3. Hi Bienchen! First let me say that I use so many of your wonderful mods and appreciate all the time and effort you put into not only creating, but maintaining your mods! I wasn’t sure whether to say anything about a possible mod issue, but decided to let you decide…hehe. 😀 So I use Tmex Better Exceptions mod, and when I entered a lot the other day it came up with an issue, here is what it said:
    There is bad tuning in this mod: \bienchen 02242021\sims4me_leafpile_nofreshnessdecay.package
    Delete it from your mods folder or see if the author has an updated version.
    If it is a multi-package mod make sure you update all of them.

    Reason Exception applying attributes to object object_LeafPile:0x07720bc7a41103ae (ValueError: tuple.index(x): x not in tuple)

    Anyway I just thought I would bring to your attention. Also on a side note, I haven’t gone to a restaurant in awhile (in the sims…lol), but always had a good experience because of your make sims „sit to eat mod“. But the last couple of times I’ve gone, my sims just don’t want to stay in their seats anymore. I thought maybe there was an update I missed, but mine is up to date. So maybe I either have something interferring, or something has happened to change it. Sorry this is so long, thanks again for everything and have a blessed day!

    1. Hi Donna Crabtee,
      I’m working on updates for both mods to fix the issues you mentioned.
      Best regards

    2. Thanks so much for all your hard work!! Love all your mods! If it helps any, I seem to keep having issues with sims wanting to use the mirror, at least in the last instance. The other time I can’t remember anything in particular, just them getting up from seat. 😀 Thanks again!

    3. Hi Donna Crabtee,
      I can in fact not disable mirror interactions as they do have the same interaction tags as the social interactions intended to be used in restaurants. There is no mirror-interaction tag.
      Best regards

  4. Hallo,

    wie bekomme ich die Mod „destroyobjectcheat“ zum laufen?`Habe die in mein Mod Ordner reingetand und dann cheat eingegeben und das was entfernen wollte mit der shift das halten ging aber nicht . Was mache ich falsch? Lg

    1. Hallo Denise,
      bei manchen Spielern funktioniert die Mod – aus mir unerfindlichen Gründen – nur, wenn du zuvor den Cheat bb.testingcheats true eingibst. Außerdem ist die Mod vermutlich nicht kompatible mit dem MCCC, der eine eigene Programmierung für das Zerstören von Objekten hat.
      LG bienchen

  5. Hey Bienchen! It’s me again! In fact, I wanted to ask if you know of any mods that expand water and electricity bill charges for retail, restaurant and veterinary lots. I kept thinking, „EA should have thought about expanding account charges when our sims purchase another batch.“ I love to play with stores and always when it comes to bills it is only that fixed amount of the house … And even if you have some equipment from the Ecolifestyle package to produce energy or water, there is not much use in these lots of trade … You know from someone who created a mod for this?

    1. Hi Janaina,
      there is very little that can be done about bills with a non-script mod. The only in-depth-mod for bills I know of is this one:
      I’m not sure whether the mod provides what you ask for, I didn’t see it mentioned in the description. But I guess the modder is open to suggestions for more features. There’s already a lot included in that mod (too much for my poor old PC that’s already struggeling with my small non-script mods).
      As to Eco Lifestyle, I do hardly play with that pack. It was gifted to me a while ago by a generous person so that I could make my existing mods fully compatible. And while I’m actually enjoying most of the CAS and build mode stuff now and am also using some of the objects, I’m not planning to add mods for Eco Lifestyle play.
      Best regards

    2. Hey Bienchen! Thanks for the suggestion! I’ll take a look at the mod, but from what I read briefly I believe that commercial batches are not added to the accounts … I’ll try it out! Once again, thank you and have a great week! 😀

  6. Oh my dear Bienchen, you seriously are on another level. You truly are.
    I successfully downloaded and tested your nonewlygeneratedghostpets mod and it’s perfect! I love it! And while I was at it, I also took a look at the new immediatebotuse because I completely agree with Janaina that this makes things a lot more convenient. I did run into the minor tuning issue you mentioned: It happens when any bot is live-dragged from a sim’s inventory directly onto the lot. It causes a last exception error and the bot loses the ability to be activated until the zone is reloaded. @Janaina: To prevent this, simply click on the bot in the inventory and select „Place in World“ instead.

    On another note, I’ve read on several occasions in this comment section about possible conflicts of your mods with MCCC. Let it be known that in all my time using your mods and MCCC together, I have never come across a conflict. Ever. I’ve also never heard of anyone mentioning a specific problem between them. I can only imagine that if someone uses the MC Tuner module along with one of your lessautonomy mods that problems could potentially arise. But like I said, there are none to my knowledge.

    And while I haven’t disappeared, I was however completely shocked to find out that Ursula has stopped playing the Sims altogether! I’m so sad to hear that.
    So thank you so much dear Ursula for continuing to host Bienchen and her mods on your site! It is very much appreciated.
    My Best Regards to both of you!

    1. Hi DragonCT,
      thanks for your feedback, especially for the notes about MCCC. I have so much trouble tracking down issues that are caused by MCCC. It is such a popular mod and as the settings get more and more elaborate, mod conflicts are more likely to occur.
      The problem with the bots didn’t occur for me after the small tuning changes I mentioned earlier. I try to not update too often in order to not cause Ursula unneccessary stress.
      I was also so sad to hear she stopped playing. She stopped playing before, so I really hope she might be back to playing the game at some point. But at the moment, this game actually is somewhat frustration. The bugs we are getting with the newest packs are so obvious that I wonder whether they even do some decent testing. These lead to the next problem: Because they need to fix the new bugs asap because they often render the game outright unplayable, there is practically no time left to fix smaller bugs and/or oversights like the ones I’m fixing with my mods. That means that the number of mods I have to update increases and there’s hardly any mod I can abandon because it became obsolete. This stresses me out now that I know that Ursula has so much to do with uploading my fixed files without even playing the game. I don’t really have an alternative though as I just could not handle doing the website myself on top of doing the modding beneath my family and full-time-job. I didn’t find a solution to that problem yet.
      Best regards

  7. Hey Bienchen! Thank you so much for the mod sims4me_immediatebotuse! Now it made my sim’s life easier! Once again, thank you for your work! 😃😉👍

    1. Hi Janaina,
      you’re welcome. It will get another fine tuning update because there is a (very minor) tuning issue, but you’re totally fine to use it as it ist now.
      Best regards bienchen

  8. Dear Bienchen,
    I hope all is well with you!
    You once made me aware of your noghostpets mod, which I have been using ever since. I do however find that I have an issue with it: The German description of the mod seems to say that it stops the generation of new ghost pets at the Brindleton Lighthouse, while the English translation states that it disables the ghost pets there. Actually, it does both. And while I like not having new stray ghost pets generated, I am a little sad that it doesn’t make the ones that I already have in my game appear there as well. This makes having stray ghost pets at all rather pointless as they don’t show up anywhere else either. Could the mod perhaps be slightly modified so that it at least spawns the ghost pets already available, while preventing new ones from being generated? I think that way, everybody could be kept happy.
    As always, Thank You for your continued supply of great mods!
    Stay healthy and awesome!

    1. Hi DragonCT,
      nice to hear from you. I thought you had disappeared.
      You’re right, the English description is in fact much more accurate than the German one.
      I have made another version for you, so that it will spawn ghost pets if you already have stray ghost pets in game:
      (I hope you can download the file, I recently have problems with some browsers blocking my downloads).
      Best regards

  9. Dear Bienchen!

    Thanks for the mod which prevent vegan sim grabbing meal with meat, I hated when my sim was doing that and became ill. Silly sim. 😀
    But your „less autonomous computer“ mod stopped NPC policemen work at their computer at the Police station. Could please check that? 🙂
    Does your „less sickness“ mod have effect on patients in Hospital? (I didnt try it) I’m specially worried from removesick_basicmodule package.
    Also I would like to ask for a mod for my Neat sims. After Bust the dust kit my sims wit Neat trait are become obsessed and they are just „Polish to perfection“ everything over and over and they dont do anything else and they dont stop. 🙁 I know I could make them stop cleaning with MCCC but I want them to clean things if those are dirty, but want them to stop cleaning clean things like maniac all day. Could you please help fix this until next patch? 🥺

    1. Hi Lorea,
      I will look into the lessautonomouscomputer issue when I update that mod for the new clumsy trait breakage possibility.
      My less sickness mod doesn’t have any effect on patients in hospital, also the basic module is fine for use with hospitals. In fact I like that career and play it a lot.
      I don’t have the bust the dust kit, but it could also be the trait improvements that came with the latest patch. That one adds the ability for neat Sims to clean even if things are already clean. So I don’t think it will be fix. I’m afraid I cannot tweak neat Sims properly because I don’t have the bust the dust kit, you’d probably better of asking a modder who owns that kit. I cannot access the bust the dust tuning files. I don’t think it will be fixed with a patch, because it’s a new feature, not a bug.
      Best regards

    2. [I know Polish to perfection is a feature, but my Neat sim is LITERALLY doesn’t do anything else, just polishes everything from morning til the night, just does it over and over like a maniac and doesn’t even stop even for a second and doesn’t do anything else. Literally all day long. It must be a bug. I hope at least. 😀 ]

      Thank you for checking less autonomous computer, I use all addons too. I love playable careers too, especially doctor and my second favorite is policeman. 🙂

    3. Hi Lorea,
      my uneducated guess is that the neuroticclean buff might have got struck on your Sim. If this is the case, installing this file should fix it:
      If it does not, I’d probably need your save file to look into it, but it might not even happen in my game without the Dust the Bust kit installed. Have you already installed mods for the Dust the Bust kit? Those might help as well, esp. if your problem is kit pack related:
      Best regards and good luck

  10. Hallo nochmal 🙂 Ich habe lange darüber nachgedacht, wie ich dir schreiben soll, und doch habe ich mich entschieden. Sag mir, ist es möglich, einen Liebeskorrespondenz-Mod per Mail zu machen? Einen Brief an einen Freund, Liebhaber, Mama, Papa schreiben oder einen Brief an einen heimlichen Bewunderer einer Berühmtheit senden? Und ich möchte kokette, romantische und sexuelle Briefe erhalten, Inhalt. Haben Sie die Fähigkeit, dies zu tun? Ich verstehe. dass es schwierig ist, wenn nicht, schreiben Sie, dass es nicht in Ihren Plänen ist. Vielen Dank, dass Sie bei uns sind und uns trotzdem mit Ihrer Kreativität verwöhnen!

    1. Hi Eva,
      I must let you down on this request. There are a lot of reasons I wouldn’t do such a mod. Some of them are
      – I’m not into doing adult content for the Sims
      – I generally do not create mods that cannot use text strings already existing in the game
      – there is no animation for letter writing and using the thank you card interaction that came with Seasons wouldn’t feel right to me. In my opinion, a letter should be properly written before posted.
      Best regards

    2. Hallo Eva,
      hier nochmals meine Antwort auf deutsch. Deine Anfrage muss ich leider ablehnen.
      Es gibt eine Menge Gründe, aus denen ich so eine Mod nicht machen würde. Einige davon sind:
      – ich mache grundsätzlich keine 18+-Mods
      – ich mache auch grundsätzlich keine Mods, bei denen ich nicht auf bereits vorhandene Texte aus dem Spiel zurückgreifen kann
      – es gibt keine Animation um einen Brief zu schreiben und die Dankeskartenanimation kommt mir dafür auch nicht richtig vor. Ich finde, ein Brief müsste auch richtig geschrieben werden, bevor man ihn verschickt.
      Viele Grüße

  11. Hey Bienchen! How are you? Bienchen, can you change the connection from The Sims 4 University’s utility robots to automatic ones, just like you did with the thermostat? It is very lazy to see my sim leave, for example, from the top floor of a house to the ground floor for him to turn off the cleaning robot for example. (laughs) If we could just turn it on and off without the interaction of the yes, it would be wonderful!

    1. Hi Janaina,
      I’m fine, thanks.
      Do you meen the cleaning, gardening and repair bot – or also the party bot?
      I must admit I never use them, but I’m willing to look into the project you suggested.
      Best regards

    2. Hi Bienchen! If you can take a look at all the utility robots, I would be very grateful! 😁👍

  12. Hi! Could you make a mod so that a Sim with the „Recycle Disciple“ trait does not hug the garbage bag autonomously? This is very annoying.

    Thanks for your work. I love your mods!

  13. Hi! I downloaded the updated version of sims4me_fridge_moresnacks but there was no updated package in the folder. I also downloaded the Patchupdate of all the updated mods, there I found the updated package sims4me_fridge_moresnacks_Addon that was updated March 25. Just wanted to let you know because it looks like something went wrong. Thank you for all your mods, I don’t think I would play the game without them!

    1. Thanks for letting me know, Desiree. I will ask me host to reupload that file.
      Best regards

  14. Vielen Dank RIESIG für den Mod nofestivalnotifications Sag mir und dem Mod „Alle Pflanzen schlafen im Winter“ Wann zu erwarten. Pflanzen sind momentan ein heißes Thema in den Sims und am problematischsten.

    1. Hallo Eva,
      die Mod ist aktuell. Ich habe sie derzeit auch selbst im Spiel, weil es da Meldungen gab, dass sie Last Exception Meldungen verursachen soll, aber bislang hatte ich keine einzige. Von der Programmierung ist sie auch aktuell.
      Viele Grüße

  15. I have a question about recent versions of the Townie Overhaul – Less Fame download file.
    In the main folder there is this file:
    sims4me_townieoverhaul_lessfame_nonewlygeneratedsages, file date of 2020-10-4.

    In the Spellcasters folder (Choose Only One) there is this file:
    sims4me_townieoverhaul_lessfame_nonewlygeneratedsages, file date of 2021-01-22.

    Is it safe to assume that we cannot have either of these files if we want to use sims4me_townieoverhaul_lessfame_nonewlygeneratedsages?


    1. Hi fcc56,
      just replace the nonewlygeneratedsages file from the spellcasters folder with the one in the main folder. It slipped into the spellcasters folder by accident. You’re fine to use that file with any of the two spellcasterfile as it only affects sages – which the spellcaster file does not.
      Best regards and thank you for notifying me

  16. hi bienchen! i have an suggestion for a mod, if you’d like or can implement, that increases the utilities production on eco lifestyle objects such as the power and water generator, for both industrial and green variants.

    I used to have a mod like that but it never got updated by its creator, for me its kinda useful since i play with high bills settings and that helps make them less expensive in some households.

    i hope you like my idea!

    1. Hi ale,
      I never heard of that mod. Who was it from? I’m asking because I do generally not take on the work of other modders unless they are retired or I’m planning to do a different approach (like with normaluipicture).
      Best regards

    1. Vielen Lieben dank für das Update Bienchen. Deine Mods sind für mich inzwischen so essenziell geworden das ich sicher mit Sims aufhören würde wenn du sie nicht mehr anbieten würdest. Vielen lieben dank dafür das du das Spiel so verbesserst mit deinen Mods. // Natürlich auch danke an deinen Host,Ursula, ohne sie wären wir auch ziemlich aufgeschmissen. Ich danke euch beide und allen die sonst noch nebenbei daran beteiligt sind.

      Ps: If you have a problem with the download, try another browser for. My Google Chrome blocks the download per default, with Edge it works for me.

    2. Danke, Lietchen. Im Moment dauert es halt etwas länger. Wo ich lebe, haben wir heute einen Tagesinzidenzwert von 475. Meine zwei jüngeren Kinder werden seit Monaten von zu Hause aus beschult und mein Mann und ich jonglieren das irgendwie mit unseren Jobs. Immerhin arbeitet er „nur“ Teilzeit und ich Vollzeit. Es sind ganz schön verrückte Zeiten.
      LG bienchen

    3. After the latest patch I’ve realized – I can’t play without your mods. They make the game so much more enjoyable and playable. This is a huge job you are doing. Especially with constant updating. And it deserves all the praise and applause.

      On a side note I wanted to let you know – in your updated Traits Overhaul archive Strangerville folder is empty.

    4. Thank you so much, Wickynsims.

      The file for paranoid Sims slipped into the Base Game folder by accident.
      I’ll correct it with the next update, but it will work fine as it is now.

      Best regards

    5. Ja das sind sie, ich hoffe einfach das wir das mit der Pandemie bald in den Griff bekommen und nicht gleich die nächste Katastrophe an die Tür klopft. Für die Kinder ist das alles bestimmt auch sehr schwer. Für mich war das alles keine grosse Umstellung, aber das liegt einfach daran das ich auf Grund meiner Erkrankung seit Jahren an die eigenen vier Wänden gebunden bin. Ich möchte mich auch noch bedanken für deinen Fix mit dem Spinner Merkmal. Bei 3 Sims mit dem Merkmal waren die Toiletten ständig verwanzt und dadurch kaputt. Irgendwie habe ich aufgegeben das die Mitarbeiter von EA ein gutes Tunnig hinbekommen, immer muss es das extreme sein.

      Mich würde es ja nicht wundern, wenn sie irgendwann Pferde oder Autos einführen, dass das genauso gut funktionieren wird wie mit den Fahrrädern. Aber ich hoffe wirklich es kommen Pferde, ich muss sagen die vermisse ich doch sehr stark und die Welten sind ja teilweise gross genug damit man mit ihnen rumreiten könnte… aber so wie es läuft bekommen wir eher reitbare Wollmäuse!

    6. Hallo Lietchen,
      das ist ja interessant, dass du dir auch so sehr Pferde wünscht. Die sind das Pack, auf das meine Tochter und ich seit Jahren hinfiebern. Was war ich damals enttäuscht, dass sie es nicht in Hunde und Katzen geschafft hatten, obwohl sie schon angefangen hatten, sie zu programmieren.
      Ich hoffe sehr, dass sie die Pferde nicht so verhunzen wie die Fahrräder. Weil so wie die Fahrräder brauch ich sie auch nicht. Die bringen mich total auf die Palme.
      LG bienchen

  17. Hi Eva,
    it will be in the City Living Mods section. Ursula is so kind to host my mods on her page, so I have no influence on when the update will go live. It should be within the next few days, though, I just sent the files to her.
    Best regards bienchen

    1. I have a lot of respect for your work. I have a lot of respect for your host, too. You manage to make the game much more agreeable and closer to reality.
      Again, a lot of respect.

  18. Hi there~ I love the whim overhaul mod you created, however I think it’s broken with the latest update patch sadly! Thank you for creating these useful mods btw, they add a lot to our gameplay 😀

    1. Hi S,
      why do you think it’s broken? What exactlly were the issues you were having with the mod?
      I have updated it for the update to come, but not because of any game breaking issues.
      Best regards

    2. The most recent error occurred when my sim was giving birth to a baby in the hospital, MC Command center detected mod problems and one of the support staff said it is likely due to either the trait and whim overhaul packages (mainly because the most recent patch involved improving traits). In terms of what happened in my game, it just had a bit of lag, one of my sims (the father) couldn’t go to work and when I clicked on my sim in the bottom tab it couldn’t toggle the game camera to show me where my sim was, I had to manually look around for them. Please let me know if you would like me to send you the last exception file by the way, perhaps that would help give more insight? Thanks again Bienchen, I understand if updating mods will take some time, just sharing so you are aware!

    3. Hi S,
      from what you describe, I highly doubt that any of those two mods was the reason for the LE you got. Anyhow, both mods have been updated for the latest patch on Sunday (alongside with the other mods that needed updating).
      Best regards

  19. Hello, just wanted to let you know that your mod „sims4me_immediatedecooptionsforunownedlots“ is bugging the deco box ui, when you click to change decorations the screen shows all the text and decorations in a single column

    1. Hi Kyatt,
      the mod will be included in the next update, although I didn’t get the error you describe during testing.
      If you use an Ui cheats extenstion or another UI mod, you should definately look for an update.
      Best regards

  20. Hello! Sorry to bother but I am a huge fan of your whim overhaul mod and I noticed when I clicked to download the new updated version of it, it gave me the download for a different mod (the away actions mod).

    1. Hi Andrea,
      I honestly have no idea why you do get another mod. I just tried downloading the file and got the right one. Maybe it’ll be helpful to clear your browser cache and try downloading again. The mod also will be included in the next update, so hopefully that’ll fix the problem for you.
      Have you downloaded for the update page of from the Misc category?
      Best regards

    2. I think there is a mistake in the table. There are two download links. one before the picture, which is correct and one after the picture which is wrong. seems like a copy/paste issue.

  21. Hi Bienchen
    I really love your mods! But two of my favourites seems to not work correctly anymore. „mermaidhydrationfix“ and „mermaidmotivetweak“. The hydration moodlet tends to get stuck most of the time, only going away when I’m using the UI cheat to pull down the hydration and let it go up again, and the social need isn’t going up at all when my mermaid is interacting with her dolphin. I don’t know if sleep is supposed to go up faster, but I think it used to, and that is also really slow now. Will you look into it please? Because I love playing around with mermaids, and your mods give them a little more depth that is severely lacking in the pack, and fixes an annoying bug 😅

    1. Hi Snowkitty,
      the mermaidhydration fix was actually published by accident in the first place. There is a problem when Sims are off lot (e. g. at work) get the moodlet and come back home. In that case, the moodlet will still get struck on your mermaids. My mod will not help in these situations, that’s why I had actually asked my host to put it down from the page, because I sent it to her by accident (but it seems she forgot to do that). The mod does help in some situations, but not always – and I cannot find a way to get it to work off lot. If I should find a solution, I’ll add to the mod.
      Best regards

    2. Hi again Snowkitty,
      I totally forgot to say that the mermaidmotivetweak is getting an update soon. The sleep file was deleted at some time because EA had fixed the sleeping issue a while ago. But it is back now, so I’ll put the sleeping tweaks back on. Not all dolphin interactions increase social with the current version, it’s mainly talking to dolphins an the pet interaction. I added some more for the new version which will be coming with the next update.
      Best regards

    3. Thank you so much Bienchen! I have an embarrassingly large amount of your mods in my game, so I just want you to know I really appreciate your work, and thank you so much for answering me. I’ve now added the updated versions to my game, and I cannot wait until I get to play with them soon!

  22. Hello! I use many of your mods (Thanks hero!) But I would really like an option in the mod „finisheating“, it is true that I like that the sims eat sitting at the tables of the restaurants, but for example, at home, I like that my sim has breakfast on the kitchen island while watching the news, and maybe leave the table for more „formal“ or family meals, but with this mod, if I want my sim to eat in the kitchen, he takes his plate first and he takes it to the dining room, sits down, and then gets up again and takes it to the kitchen, which makes it take a long time and it looks quite strange hehe … maybe a version without preference for dining tables? Please please please !!! Sorry for my English, it’s not my language 😀

    1. Hi Elisabet,
      I actually think the sitting down first and then standing up again is a bug that was introduced lateley and has little to do with that mod of mine. I have already altered the values for different seatings and still noticed the problem. It also isn’t a new problem, it has been around several times already and gets fixed every now and then to return at a later point.
      It also happens with reading and socializing that Sims first sit down to immediately stand up again to obey to the player’s command.
      I will of course do some more testing and if I find a way to get rid of the problem, there’ll be an update.
      Best regards

    2. Excuse me Bienchen, first of all my thanks for your answer and all your work. But I am not sure if I have understood correctly, as I am using google translator and sometimes it is so bad … That the sims get up continuously is something we are already used to hehe … but I was wondering, If you could make a version of the mod so that they finish eating, in which they don’t have a preference for sitting at the dining tables, so that my sim stops sitting at the dining room table at home, and eats in the kitchen or wherever I want you to eat, thank you very much and greetings!

    3. Hi Elisabeth,
      I will have to check first whether the mod is even needed anymore. With the changes they did to eating in general, it might very well be obsolete.
      Best regards

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