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  1. hey Bienchen, thank you for your hard work with the updates.

    I have a question: I was sure you had a mod to stop sims from using their bikes indoors, but I can’t seem to find it. Is it gone? Or did I just imagine this? hahaha

    Thanks in advance!!

    1. Hi Dafne,
      that mod is actually gone as you can see in the abandoned mod category. I recommend you use Zero’s lessautobike mod instead:
      I use it myself and it was the reason for me to give up on my bikeoutside mod. Bikes are just not programmed in a way that would allow my mod to work 100% as intended and Zero’s approach is different, but keeps my sanity when using a bike with a really simple tuning change.
      Best regards

  2. Hallo Bienchen,
    auch von mir mal wieder ein ganz dickes Danke für all die tollen Mods.
    Heute habe ich die Mods geupdatet und kam danach nicht mehr in meinen Spielstand rein. Mein Spiel warf mich zurück in die Weltenübersicht mit einem Fehlercode.
    Habe alle Updates dann nach und nach getestet. Es ist die NoFestivalNotificationSound Mod, die das auslöst. Habe sie alleine getestet und wurde gleich rausgeschmissen, ohne sie läuft mein Spiel.
    Auch ein erneutes runterladen dieser Mod und alleiniges testen wirft mir den Fehlercode raus und wirft mich in die Weltenübersicht.

    Liebe Grüße

    1. I can confirm that I also got an error code yesterday. Logging in and creating a new family (mix of three separate saved sims) went well, but when clicking on their house in order to play them – boom! Hello world map, hello dumb error message. Since the s4m mods were the only updates yesterday, I removed everything „s4m“ from the game so I could start playing again (and tear my hair at all idiotic garbage now happening since the s4m iron wall was gone). I had no idea which one of the updated mods – or the new invite overhaul – that caused this, thus I kicked out everything. But today, thanks to „Sinuhe30“ I can put everything back again – except the NofestivalNotificationSound.

    2. Hallo Simuhe,
      kann es sein, dass dir eins der nötigen Addons für die Festivals fehlt? Das ist das einzige, was ich mir jetzt vorstellen könnte. Dann muss ich die Mod wohl künftig in Module für die verschiedenen Packs aufspalten (ich selbst besitzte alle Pack, mit denen Festivals hinzukamen).
      Viele Grüße und danke fürs Bescheid geben.

    3. Hi Chris,
      I’ll look into this. I had updated this mod prior to the latest patch and forgot to upload it as I don’t use it myself. My guess is that it need to be split up into seperate packages, but it could be that EA made changes to the festival tuning I hadn’t noticed.
      Best regards and sorry for the inconvenience.

  3. Hi, first let me say thank you for your mods and all the hard work involved with so many. I want to let you know there is no link for MoreChildren at Parks…no link for either version. I just want version 1. Can you please check? Thank you.

    1. Hi Sandi Edmunds,
      all three versions are still in Misc Mods as usual. You just need to click the download button under the version you want to download. Maybe try refreshing your browser cache if you cannot see the links, because they’re all there.
      Best regars

    1. Oops, I do have another question. Does the ‚call and visit tweak‘ include blocking phone calls from ghosts? I think that used to be included in some way in the invitationsoverhaul.
      Thanks again for your time and awesome mods! 🙂

    2. Hi Ally,
      I have tweaked my faster cooking mod to hardly affect group cooking in order for group cooking to work as good as possible. That means that Sims will cook slower when they’re in a group, though still a little faster than without the mod installed. I have seeked to find a balance where group cooking still made sense but wouldn’t take ages (I didn’t tweak the time it takes for the group of cooking Sims to gather before starting to prepare a meal as they will and should wait for everyone to arrive before they get busy.

      As to callandvisittweak: noghostfix has been incorporated into the basecalls file as there were some ghost tuning files that were included in my extendedinvitationsoverhaul and could not be separated from that in a sensible way. My noghostfix was always a little incomplete when used on its own because some of the ghost tunings were tweaked by the base module of the late extendedinvitationsoverhaul.
      I might find a way to separate those if someone requested it because they only wanted to use the ghost or the basecalls part, but they are partly overlapping so I kept them in one file for now.

      Best regards

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