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  1. Hi, just wanted to let you know that I think sims4me_destroyobjectcheat.package is broken. I kept getting LEs at exactly 4 a.m. and did the 50/50 test until I narrowed it down to this mod as the culprit.

    (Thank you for all these wonderful mods! Long time user, first time commenter.)

    1. Hi Natalia,
      do you happen to use MCCC? Because that mod is no longer compatible with MCCC since they added their own means to enable debug cheats.
      I’m using the mod (mine, not MCCC) myself and never ever got an LE, so even if you do not use MCCC, I believe this must be a conflict with another mod.
      I also just checked the tuning and there absolutely no changes so the mod is still up to date.
      Best regards

    2. Yes, I do use MCCC. Didn’t know it wasn’t compatible anymore – that explains it. Thank you so much for responding!

  2. Hi,
    I use your Toddlers at parks mod version 1 and my toddlers are all spawning with vampire eyes. It is also causing cats and dogs to spawn at the parks.

    1. Hi Nia,
      thanks a lot for letting my know. I’m using version 3 of the mod, but I guess I might have already found out what is causing the issue. Stay tuned for the next update.
      The spawning of cats and dogs with their owners at parks is intentional, though. It was like this after EA released Seasons and I never liked it when they removed that function. In my humble opinion, pet owners should definately be allowed to show up with their pets at parks. I have no plans to disable that.
      Best regards

  3. Hey Bienchen! Loving the new small update on the typeface of the website. Much much easier and more comfortable to read! Thank you.

    1. Thanks, Michael, but that is actually nothing that’s done by me. My great host Ursula takes care of everything related to the design of the website and uploading my mods. She even does it despite the fact that she stops playing the Sims 4 last summer. I’m truely grateful for her dedication. I’m not sure whether she still reads comments here, but I believe she does.
      Best regards

  4. Hi-
    I believe your Whim Overhaul mod may need another update. It is preventing households and community lots from loading in my game.
    I have the majority of the packs and use only the ones for which I have packs installed.
    I love playing with your mod.
    Could you please look into this?

    1. Hi Nanci,
      I’m pretty sure this issue is not related to my whimoverhaul. I’ve read that a lot of players are getting error codes when trying to load lots (esp. community lots) lately. I believe it started with the pre-Dream-Home-Decorator patch. After going back in game, visiting the exact same lot suddenly works again without any changes made. I have been playing a new mod free save lately to test the new GP and ran into these loading issues despite playing Vanilla.
      Still, I’m very interested to hear why you think this is due to my whimoverhaul mod.
      On a side note, the version currently online isn’t the latest version. My latest updated mods are not online yet, but can be downloaded here meanwhile:
      Best regards

  5. Hi There! Hope you are well, thanks for all the amazing content!! I have a quick question about some of the downloads. I think I’m missing package files when I download certain mods. For instance, the whim overhaul mod I had has different files for different packs and the updated one only has the one .rar file with no pack files. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks in

    1. Hi Chaotic_Canary,
      the whimoverhaul.rar file contains a folder. This folder contains the main mod file as well as all the files for the different packs. I honestly don’t know what’s going wrong if you don’t get that folder in the rar-file. It is there when I download it, for sure. Maybe you just overlooked it? I put some of the larger mods into seperate folders so that I don’t forget to pack all of the files together (which has happened before and is still happening occassionally).
      Best regards

    2. I found out I didn’t have the right tool to extract the file, working now!! thanks a bunch 🙂

  6. Hello!
    I was wondering if there was a mod that would stop sims from cancelling eating after they finished drinking. So frustrating going to a restaraunt, and the sims I invite don’t finis eating, because they finished their drink

  7. Hallo Bienchen, ich habe ein großes Problem mit zwei alten MTS Traits aus 2015 (cursed + blessed). Der Modder ist leider nicht mehr online und hat die Traits nie aktualisiert. Chingyu hat die Traits neu gemacht, jedoch habe ich das Problem, dass ich die alten defekten Traits nicht entfernen kann, obwohl keiner der aktiven Sims sie nutzt. Das Spiel startet mit LE Fehler und dem Hinweis, dass beide Traits veraltet sind und nicht mehr funktionieren. Entferne ich die Traits, startet das Spiel bis zu dem Punkt, wo ich einen Speicherstand auswählen kann. Wenn ich dann den letzten Stand anklicke, stürzt das Spiel kommentarlos ab. Wenn ich die Traits wieder einfüge, startet es mit dem LE error wie oben angegeben. Was soll ich tun? Hast du irgend eine Idee, wie man das lösen kann?

    1. Hallo Nirsima,
      Merkmale, die nicht mehr installiert sind, verursachen in aller Regel keine LEs, allerdings kann ich zu CC-Merkmalen gar nichts sagen, weil ich da einen Riesenbogen drum mache.. Deine „neuen“ Versionen von Chingyu sind vermutlich bereits wieder veraltet. Merkmale müssen verhältnismäßig häufig geupdated werden und machen mehr Probleme als andere Mods, wenn sie veraltet sind. Daher nutze ich persönlich auch keinerlei Merkmale. Ich würde an deiner Stelle Chingyu wegen der LEs kontaktieren, vielleicht kann er/sie (?) helfen und nachbessern. Außerdem würde ich die Merkmale mittels cas.fulleditmode entfernen, bevor ich die Mods deinstalliere (wenn sie nicht mehr aktualisiert werden). Evtl. kriegst du dadurch das Startproblem in den Griff
      Beste Grüße und viel Glück

  8. Hi Bienchen! How are you? I hope well! Bienchen, is there a way to make those coolers become inventories? For example, I’d like to use them to store fish while my sims fish and keep them fresh. Is it possible to do this? I found a cooler in the community that does this but it is CC content and I would like to know if there is a way to do this without making the cooler CC. Thank you for your attention! Hugs! 😃

    1. Hi Janaina,
      I’m very well, thank you.
      As to your cooler suggestion: It might actually be possible, but I’ll have to look into it. I had a CC-foodandfishcooler on my old website myself a long while ago, but I agree that it would be could if it could be achieved without having to use an item that it flagged as CC.
      Best regards

  9. Greetings.

    I have been using your „pboxupdated_usemoreingredients_version2“ but I have noticed that there are some recipes that seems to have been „ignored“ like „Mac and cheese“ „Beef Ramen“ etc. My first thought is because they require ingredients you can’t get (like eggs for example) but we can get faux meat with Ecolifestyle yet those recipes seems to have been left alone.

    Bug? Intended?

    Thanks for reading.

    1. Hi,
      that’s intended. I only took those where ingredients would make sense. Also, there is currently no means to tell the game to check whether a certain pack is installed. That means that as soon as I’d use an ingredient from a pack (like garlic or like you mentioned faux meat) for a recipe that does not come with that pack, people who do not have all the packs will no longer be able to use the mod. Especially with Eco Living that would be dumb because there are a lot of players who didn’t get that pack – me included if I hadn’t been gifted the pack by a generous person.
      I’m pretty sure that food dishes will see some changes soon with the new pack so I’ll see whether they added some new interesting tuning when updating the mod for the new pack. The ingredients required version might even become obsolete with the new lot trait that comes with Cottage Living.
      Best regards

  10. Hello!
    I’m just going through updating my mods from a while ago and wondered if sims4me_notraitnotifications_pets is still available or still needed? I can find the version for human Sims but not for pets.
    Many thanks.

    1. Hi Alistair,
      thanks for letting me know that the file is currently missing in the mods package. The old version is still fine with the current version of the game and will probably not need to be updated before we get any new playable pets. EA also didn’t stop pet trait notifications from being spawned on your pinboard so the mod is still needed (if you feel the need to keep your pinboards a little cleaner).
      Best regards

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