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  1. Hello, I absolutly love your mods! Can’t play the game without them.

    I have one request\suggestion – I often have difficulty reading the names of the files, especially because I have many of your mods. So is it possible to change file names to have a capital letter at the start of each word?
    For example –
    Change to something like this –

    I love your mods regardless, thank you for all your work <3

  2. Hi Bienchen,
    Can you add additional information about mods‘ compatibility with other mods like if there’s any overwritten resources?
    Thank you very much for your working!

  3. Love your mods! they have helped make the game not only more realistic but also enjoyable; how ever I have a mod request if you take them. I have a several sims who will not stop sunbathing, even after canceling the action, they just end up going back. Could you make a No Autonomous Sunbathing? or perhaps a Less Autonomous Sunbathing?
    Thanks for reading! Love your work.

  4. Hello There Bienchen, one year ago i think you updated Revy Synchronized Stereo Mods. Can you please reupload the mods? because i tried to download using the link you provided in modsthesims and i can’t access it anymore. thank you very much 😀

  5. Hello. I’m looking for the mod that automatically uses wedding rings.
    Is the mod updated for the new game version?

  6. Hi, there is a mod Bookcase and Storage Chest don’t share inventory (sims4me_bookcaseandstoragechestdontshareinventory) that bugs out fridges and make them don’t work like fridges anymore i tried all versions and is the same

  7. Hello bienchen

    Do you have a mod that causes the same bartenders to show up on every bar lot? I have a lot of mods and cannot seem to find which mod is causing this effect. I was thinking it might be part of Nounimportantsims but I’m not sure.

  8. If you want to download an entire update at once, these are now to be found here:

    http://simfileshare.net/folder/159470/ (Updates)

    Today’s update brings 1 small new mod

    plopsyshipfix enables shipping plopsy items on apartment lots.

    Please stop posting comments here as it makes it difficult to find my update posts as the main page is no longer maintained. I have wrote more than once now how to reach me if necessary.

  9. hi i tried using the restaurant fix mod where guest should sit/eat/finish food, but it makes the options to interact with guest disappear (management). how do i fix this?

  10. Hi, good afternoon, sorry to bother you. I would like to know if it would be possible to create a mod in which the sims don’t play the instruments autonomously (especially when they are in a nightclub), I would be very happy if it were possible to create it. Thank you. A thousand kisses.

  11. Halloechen Bienchen, ich bin ein grosser Fan von deinen Mods, ganz ganz lieben Dank fuer die wundervollen Verbesserungen des Spiels 🙂 Heute habe ich das „callknownpetstomeal“ mod von dir ausprobiert, in der Hoffnung dass ich auf einen Fressnapf klicken kann und dort nicht nur meinen eigenen Hund auswaehlen kann, sondern auch den, der im gleichen Raum ist, aber leider war da keine Option. Mein Sim hat einen Hund und war bei meinem anderen Sim zu besuch, der auch einen Hund hat. Beide Hunde waren im Raum und ich hab auf den Napf des Gastgebers geklickt, aber konnte nur meinen eignen Hund zum futtern rufen. Hab ich was falsch gemacht in der Bedienung?
    Ganz lieben Dank schonmal im Voraus!! 🙂
    Liebe Gruesse,

  12. Hi!
    I’ve been a fan since sims 2!
    I have a quick question. Your DestroyObjectCheat is one of my favs because it lets me delete putrid leaf piles around my sims towns. I hate the leaf piles whether they stink or not…but I’ve noticed that the cheat doesn’t appear anymore. Where before when your cheat worked, I could select destroy object, set as head, or reset object. Now, I can only reset or set as head. Is there a way to fix this or am I just stuck with annoying leaf piles now 🙁 ? Thank you for your many and necessary mods!!

  13. Hi Bienchen,

    I love your restaurantguestoverhaul mod and I was wondering if it’s compatible with Carl’s Dine Out Reloaded mod.

  14. Here comes the small update for the last two patches:

    weddingpartyoutfitfix (please be aware that your wedding guest will show up in their regular formal wear and ignore EAs specifications if you install the weddingparty module)

    Again, please head over to the official forums if you want to leave a comment as I’m not reading comments here atm. On another note, this site will probably be gone in a short while as my host can no longer support it. I’ll be posting updates at the official forums in the meantime (until I find a solution for where to host my mods in the future).
    I’ll post the link to my thread on the official forums in the next comment.

    Best regards

    1. Hi Lorea,
      there have not been any changes to the tuning, I just checked. Is there a certain bookcase you do have issues with (I might just have missed one of the bookcases in game as you have to change all bookcase tuning files)? And what issues exactly do you have with that mod?
      Best regards

    2. If you are using the television-bookcase combos that came with TinyLiving, Lorea, these were actually not included in the mod. I’ve added them with today’s update. Other than that I’m not aware of other bookcases missing except the library bookcase (which is intentional).
      Best regards bienchen

    3. Yes, I prefer using television-bookcase combos in nowadays, I didn’t notice these weren’t included in the mod before. 🙂 Thank you!

    4. Dear Bienchen

      I didn’t have opportunity playing until now, and I dont know why but the nostartingobjects_books doesn’t work for me. I even took out all of the other mods and tested it alone, but it still doesn’t work. My game is patched to

  15. Some requests pretty please, I’m wondering would make a non autonomous mods for the tea set in the Wedding pack and in one from University Pack to stop them from doing research & debate? Also could make a mod that is similar to have „less or no elders“ but for the bars type venues but for Adults instead? -sorry tired of seeing Adults who are mostly married at Nightclubs and rarely enough young adults.

  16. Hi, sorry to be annoying. I am trying to install your call off wedding mod but there is a package for base game and wedding stories? Do I install both if I have wedding stories installed? Or just the 1 labelled for wedding game pack?

    hope that makes sense 🙂

  17. normalmente os sims quando saem do banho, colocam uma roupa automaticamente. teria como colocar o mod dos sims usarem uma toalha ao sair do banho ?. eu tinha esse mod mas acabei perdendo ele 🙁

  18. Under lessautonomousespressodrinking, what does the needsbased option do, and are we supposed to load just one of the options, or both? Thanks!

  19. Would you please update the description of catanddogsanity to include descriptions for activetraitfix and scareofffox to explain what those do? Thanks!!! Love your mods, I have a huge number of them loaded into my game. Bless you!

  20. Hello Bienchen!
    First of all, I loooove your mods. I have so many of them.
    Secondly, if you take mod requests, I’d love a mod that stops sims from grabbing slices of bread from Cottage Living. I have cooked meals in the fridge and for some reason they always just go and grab a slice of bread, and then they finish it without me realizing it so I have to buy more to use with the Simple Living trait. It’s quite annoying!
    Thanks again,

  21. There’s an update


    New Mods:

    restaurantcheffix (I’ve actually posted that one earlier on this thread)
    Fixes the bug that chefs won’t enter the restaurant and start cooking.

    The off the grid lot challenge will now be also available for rental lots..

    Sims will no longer be assigned any accessories, hats, glasses or make-up randomly. If you want to still have such things randomly thrown at some of your townies, I recommend using this mod instead: https://www.patreon.com/posts/52602227

    Version 4 uses rings from My Wedding Stories.



    On a side note, I’m still suffering from health issues so as much as I’d love to, I cannot read your comments here. If there is an issue, feel free to contact me at the official forums (83bienchen) or – if you are German – via SimForum (bienchen83).

    Best regards

  22. I had to uninstall your Whim Overhaul mod today because it kept throwing errors. I discovered this via the MCCC mod. It even throws errors when it’s only MCCC and no other mods.

    You can email me for more info if you like. I did a whole lot of troubleshooting to figure out that it was that plugin and I REALLY want to use it!

  23. Hi! I was wondering about your „No Focus Camera On Resolutions“. Will this affect the focus on camera on household pets and animals as well, or only „wild“/homeless ones?

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