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  1. Thank you for all your mods! I could not play this game without them. You are always so timely with the updates and fixing the little things we need to make the game more enjoyable. It amazes me how much you do while being a parent and working full time. Thank you for your generosity to the community. <3

  2. Dear Bienchen

    Could you please make a bunniesdontdie mod? 🙂 I’ve just started use your cottageanimalslivelonger and two bunnies just died right away, so I think that mod doesn’t work for bunnies.

    1. Hi Lorea,
      please check whether you got the right file. I accidentally updated the wrong one first (containing the tuning files for foxes instead of the one for the cottage animals). The right file was saved 29.07.2021, 23:40 Uhr. You might have to clear your browser cache first to be able to get it.
      As for a mod to disable rabbit aging, I already made one, but it is still in testing because rabbits don’t work like foxes at all. If you’re into testing, you can download the beta version here:
      Best regards

    2. Thank you! 🐝
      I redownloaded cottageanimalslivelonger mod and I’m testing rabbitsdontage 🙂

    3. One more question. 🙂
      Could you place make usable all fertilizers on average crops and flowers, not only on oversized crops?

  3. Hello! Thank you so much for making and sharing so many mods. They are wonderful! 🙂
    I’m confused with the unstrangestrangerville mod. When I search at the archives I am not getting the option to solve the mystery. Did the newest patch confuse the mod? Thank you!

    1. Hi Nora,
      the tuning files haven’t changed but I believe that they changed the code a while ago so you will have to travel to the Secret Lab once after researching the StrangerVille archives before you get the pop-up for the Motherplant-Victory.
      I’ll check that again though.
      Best regards

    1. Hi Biasia,
      you can try 2 things:
      – Copy the link and paste it in a new browser window.
      – Use a different browser.
      Best regards

  4. Hey Bienchen! How are you doing? I hope well! You’re sure to be busy with mod updates for the newly released Cottage Living package. However, I wanted to ask if you know any mods that add more door unlocks. For example, I’m running an in-game veterinary clinic, and I’d like to lock the operating room doors for everyone except animals and staff. In real life, we don’t walk into operating rooms with our pet. In-game unlock options are only: family/group, staff, all chickens and butler service. I would like it to be added in the permission: all animals, all dogs and all cats. Do you know if there is something like this in the modder community? I can’t stand to see pet owners in the operating rooms anymore…and I’m also thinking about blocking even in the consultation room…(laughs) Thank you for your attention in advance. Hugs!

    1. Hi Janaina,
      there’s one door lock mod by LittleMsSam and two on MTS. I’ve tried posting the links, but they weren’t accepted.
      I hardly ever use door locks, so I cannot say whether they offer the features you’d like to have.
      Best regards

  5. Hi! I was looking for the new mods you released for the Cottage Living pack, I looked everywhere and can’t find them, could you please tell me where to find them?
    These are the mods:
    Thanks in advance!!!

  6. Hi, first off wanted to say I love your mods and could not play without them! I’ve noticed hats from Eco Living and the 90s Fitness Kit do not appear to be included in your Less Random Hats and Accessories mod, and are turning up on a LOT of random NPC sims around town. Would love if these hats could be included in a future update so I can stop removing them one by one with MCCC.

    1. Hi Jen D.,
      I don’t own the 90s Fitness Kit so I cannot expand the mod to include the stuff that came with it. There is no way for me to get access to that kind of stuff without owning a pack.
      I also didn’t own Eco Living for a good while because I wasn’t that interested in that pack. I have been gifted it later on and then also added the stuff that came with it to my mods (also the lessrandomhatsandaccessories mod), but I noticed that EA tends to sometimes change how their stuff is flagged, esp. some hats have been reenabled for random recently. I will check in game and see which hats are enabled for random, then I’ll disable them.
      Best regards

  7. Hallo Bienchen! Mir ist evtl. ein Bug bezgl. Cottage Living & deinem Mod MM-087 („lessbarnights“) aufgefallen.
    Habe ihn mir vorgestern runtergeladen, weil mich die ständigen Bären, Aliens, Geister und Ritter genervt haben (an dieser Stelle überhaupt erst mal vielen lieben Dank für all die tollen Mods, die du so raushaust <3)
    Allerdings taucht der/die Kneipenbesitzer/in (= default ist hier Sara Scott) zwar noch außerhalb des Pubs auf und läuft fröhlich durchs Innenstädtchen, steht aber nicht mehr persönlich hinterm Thresen; da kommen jetzt ganz gewöhnliche Mixologen aufs Grundstück und wechseln sich im Schichtsystem ab (quasi so, wie es vor Cottage Living in jeder anderen Bar ablief). Könntest du dir das evtl. mal anschauen? ^^

    Ganz liebe Grüße und schon mal vielen Dank!

    1. Hallo Yuiri,
      die lessbarnights ist nicht aktuell. Ich hab sie beim Updaten übersehen, weil ich sie selbst nicht im Spiel habe, sondern stattdessen die barnightoverhaul nutze. Ich schau sie mir aber an und update sie.
      Viele Grüße

  8. Hey Bienchen! How are you doing? I hope well! You’re sure to be busy with mod updates for the newly released Cottage Living package. However, I wanted to ask if you know any mods that add more door unlocks. For example, I’m running an in-game veterinary clinic, and I’d like to lock the operating room doors for everyone except animals and staff. In real life, we don’t walk into operating rooms with our pet. In-game unlock options are only: family/group, staff, all chickens and butler service. I would like it to be added in the permission: all animals, all dogs and all cats. Do you know if there is something like this in the modder community? I can’t stand to see pet owners in the operating rooms anymore…and I’m also thinking about blocking even in the consultation room…(laughs) Thank you for your attention in advance. Hugs!

  9. NEW UPDATE for today with additions for the EP and some tuning fixes for those who can’t wait until it’s officially online

    Updated Mods:
    gardening (contains new files for less weeds and spring bugs)
    whimoverhaul (no new whims for Cottage Living yet, that will take me some more time)

    New mods:

  10. Hi
    You created mod – fridgeinventorytweak (The show fridge inventory interaction („open“) will always show on the first page of the pie menu with this mod.)

    I wish there was a mod with „serve breakfast / lunch / dinner“ that will also appear on the first page of options.

  11. I installed latest version of lessautonomousbednaps but my sim still constantly tries to take napes on couch and bed even though not tired. I have never used this mod because this problem started playing the cottage living world. Any ideas how to keep my sim from constantly trying to nap?

    1. Hi Charly,
      the mod does not affect naps on couches. It also only stops Sims from taking a nap on the bed when they are tired instead of just going to sleep properly.
      There is a mod that stops Sims from napping altogether, but I don’t know if it still works:
      At least someone undertook to update it in the comments in November, so it might still work.
      Best regards

  12. Just wanting to ask since there have been no updated posts does that mean your mods are compatible with version 1.77.146. I know you post when there are broken ones but not sure if you post when all your mods are cleared if there are not broken ones from a new patch.

    1. Hi Teresa,
      most are cleared, but there are some updates to come that contain some more tuning fixes I overlooked plus additions to some of my mods to cover new features of the EP.
      Also, as you can read in the updates category, fridgemore_snack and pbox_updated_moreingredients are broken and I will need more time to decide if and how to update them.
      Best regards

    2. Where is the mod updates link, as many times as I have overlooked this site I have yet to see it lol. Could you post it here I can bookmark it for future reference

    3. Hi Teresa,
      the latest update posts are always linked on the top right of the page, directly unter the header „Neuigkeiten / News“. Each update has its own post so there is no permanent link I could post here.
      Updates that aren’t online officially yet because my host still has to properly implement them are posted in comments by me.
      Best regards

  13. Hello Bienchen,
    Would you mind updating your mod of disabling role outfits to the newest pack, Cottage Living?
    Just disabling the role outfit of grocery deliverer is enough for me
    Thank you so much in advance 🙂

    1. Hi Teslatest,
      that will take some time now as I just made an update ready and don’t plan doing more during the next days as my oldest daughter is currently visiting me.
      Best regards

  14. Hello Bienchen! I wanted to make a mod request. I would like you to expand the food order shopping catalog. I really like the „buymore_phone“ mod but I would like some products to be added to the food distribution. And this maybe is dreaming a lot but I thought that maybe 1 more dealer can be created? to which the rest of the objects that would not fit with food can be asked. (Example, electronic devices for robots, spare parts for improvement, toys, books, whatever does not fall into the food category) What do you think? it’s possible?

    1. Hi ChocoSulSul,
      I’m sorry but I’m afraid I didn’t get what you wanted to request here. What do you mean by dealer? Food dishes cannot be added to the mod, but I added some of the ingredients that came with Cottage Living with the update to come.
      Best regards

    2. Sorry about my english. I expressed wrong. I wanted to say that maybe more herbs and fruit vegetables could be added to the food delivery man who came out with a simple life. It’s possible? Thank you for your work!

    3. Hi ChocoSulSul,
      I have not played with food delivery much yet but I believe that the offers are changing for that one. You could still use my buymore_phone mod if there is something that currently isn’t on offer. It doesn’t make much sense to have two mods that basically do the same, esp. as buymore_phone already has an ingredients category.
      Best regards

  15. Hello Bienchen,
    I was wondering if maybe you would be interested to adapt your nakedfootfoutain mod so the sims would also take off their shoes when they’re playing in the water of the new ponds ?
    Thank you so much for your wonderful work!

    1. Hi Marina,
      it’s a nice idea I’ll will surely try, but it might not work because it is a different type of tuning file. Thanks for the idea.
      Best regards

  16. Re-Betreff-Dschungelabenteuer

    Hallo Bienchen/Ursula,
    herzlichen Dank für Deine flotte Antwort.
    Das beschriebene Problem mit den veredelten Edelsteinen ist übrigens am Marktstand umgehbar, wenn man nach „besonderen Sachen“ fragt und dort dann solche kauft. Seine eigenen, erstellten landen ja leider im unzugänglichem (wegen Urlaubsmodus) Hausinventar. Eine Mod ist also nicht unbedingt nötig. Aber, wie von Dir angedeutet, spielt man den Dschungel eher selten und ob man dann immer an alles denkt … Wahrscheinlich ist es eh ein EA-Fehler mit dem Archäologietisch. Andere Tische (z.B. Blumenbinder) legen nichts ins Hausinventar ab.
    Momentan hast Du sicherlich wegen den vielen Zusatzinhalten zu tun, besten Dank auch dafür.
    sei gegrüßt von Uhu 🙂

    1. Vielen Dank für dein Verständnis Uhu,
      ich heiße übrigens nicht Ursula, sondern Ursula ist meine Hosterin. Ich heiße so, wie mein Spitzname es vermuten lässt. 🙂
      Grüße zurück

  17. Hello! Thank you for letting me know that Zero already made the mod I asked you last time. Thanks to you, I’m making good use of it. Thank you for the information. 🙂
    I am writing to you today to ask another mod.
    Is there a mode that prohibits customers from cleaning dishes or empty glasses at restaurants in the Dine out package?
    I would like to ban restaurant customers and restaurant owners from cleaning up food after eating at the restaurant.
    Also, if housekeepers, babysitters, butlers, and employees are employed on the site, I would like to ban other SIMs from cleaning.
    I’m so annoyed that Sim get up to clean up their plates or glasses right after they finish eating while talking at a restaurant or dinner. ;-(
    I would appreciate it if you could let me know if there is a related mode.
    Thank you for always making fast updates and good mods!

    1. Hi yhk,
      my restaurantsittweak (Food related mods) stops guests from cleaning up their dishes after eating and my noautonomouswashdishaftereating (Autonomy mods) stops Sims on their home lot from washing their plate as soon as they finish eating.
      I don’t think the other situations you would like to have a possible as those are not considered/programmed to be situation in the sense of the game and therefore cannot be tweaked in such a way.
      Best regards

  18. Hallo Bienchen,

    freue mich sehr, dass es so viele neue Mods von dir gibt, vor allem auch den gegen das Glitzern bei den Gerichten.

    Ist es vielleicht möglich, von dir auch einen Mod zu erhalten, der das Glitzern in den Räumen abstellt? Seit ich das Staubsaugerpack habe, glitzern bei mir die Räume (so wie vorher das Essen) und mich stört das so, dass ich schon das Pack deinstallieren wollte 🙁

    Wäre toll, falls du sowas erstellen kannst.

    Danke und viele Grüße!

    1. Hallo serena,
      beispielsweise das Merkmal zimperlich und die Kindheitsphasen distanziert und rebellisch.
      Viele Grüße

  19. Hallöchen! Ich spiele erst seit kürzerer Zeit mit den Mods von Bienchen und sie sind wirklich kleine Lebensretter. Allerdings habe ich seit dem letzten Patch und dem neuen Pack das Problem, dass die activitypreferencestweak Mod bei mir die Kochfähigkeit komplett blockiert und meine Sims nur noch super schleppend Kochen lernen, trotz Micro Home und der Prefrence, dass sie Kochen mögen! Sie haben bis zu 20 Käse zubereitet und 20 Dinge eingemacht und sind immer noch Kochlevel 1 mit 5 % Fortschritt. Ist bei jemanden noch dieses Problem aufgetreten? Andere Mods kann ich bereits ausschließen 😡 Wenn ich die Mod nicht drin habe, lernen sie bei mir binnen weniger Sekunden das Kochen wie im Flug.

  20. Hallo,
    Ich nutze die Mods dieser Seite seid einigen Monaten und sie sind super aber ich hätte zu dem Mod MM-022 privacytweak eine frage denn bei mir scheint er nicht richtig zu funktionieren da meine sims (aus einer Familie) das Bad nicht gleichzeitig nutzen können/ wollen.
    Vielleicht kann mir ja jemand helfen.

    1. Hallo serena,
      haben deine Sims möglicherweise ein Merkmal o.ä., die sie trotzdem negativ auf die Anwesenheit des anderen Sims reagieren lassen. Die Mod schaltet die Privatsphäreeinstellungen ja nicht komplett ab, sondern bindet sie lediglich an sinnvollere Voraussetzungen.
      Viele Grüße

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