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  1. Hello Bienchen,
    I’m noticing that your mod lessautonomousespressodrinking contains two different files (the „original“ one and another one needs based) which both modify the espressoBar_waitforbarista line. Could you tell me the difference between the two files and also if they actually conflict ?
    Thank you very much.

    1. Hi Marina,
      that’s actually an oversight. The espressoBar_waitforbarista should only be included in the main file only. If you have both installed, the game will only read the one from the base file anyway, so you won’t notice anything weird (I’ll still correct it with the next update).
      The needsbased file is an addon that checks a Sims needs before allowing them to order. It could also be used as a standalone, if you wish. I use them both.
      I made it as an addon file as I’ve seen some of the tuning files from the addon file included in other drink related mods. If you don’t have a clashing mod, it really is just a matter of personal preference which files you install.
      On a side note, I actually have some mods that do use the same tuning files but these also aren’t incompatible with each other unless expressly stated so in the mod description. I always adjust them in a way to avoid conflict (if possible).
      Best regards

  2. Hallo Bienchen

    Ich hoffe dir und deiner Familie geht es gut und dass dein Computer bald wieder heil ist.
    Ich hätte eine Anfrage, und zwar zu deiner; Buymore_Phone(Seasons)

    Mir ist aufgefallen das die Tränke von Outdoor alle kostenlos sind. Kannst du diesen vielleicht einen Preis verpassen? (Ich benutze die wirklich sehr gerne, vor allem die Deocreme und das Fruchtbarkeitselixier. Im Moment regle ich das so das ich eine zufälligen Betrag per UI-Cheat entferne wenn ich die Mittel/Tränke kaufe)

    1. Hallo Lietchen,
      mein Computer ist wieder heile, danke, und meiner Familie geht’s auch gut, die nächsten zwei Wochen sind dafür ganz fest verplant (Herbstferien, wobei ich nur 3 Tage frei habe).
      Die Tränke bekommen im Spiel einen Wert erst dadurch verpasst, dass man sie herstellt, je nach Skill-Level und Stimmung – ähnlich wie Speisen. Ich fürchte, das würde zu Bugs führen, wenn man da die Preise anpasst, außerdem würden die Tränke dann auch als CC gelten. Aus dem Grund waren sie auch ursprünglich gar nicht enthalten, sondern ich hab sie nur auf ausdrücklichen Wunsch hinzugefügt.
      Viele Grüße

  3. hey! is it possible to make a mod that removes the moodlets that come with the simple living lot challenge? I love this challenge because it adds realism, so I don’t need to have my sim become happy every time they cook a meal with ingredients (cause that should be normal for them∙ not an actual challenge).

    1. Hi again nick,
      just wanted to let you know that it will come as an addon file for the lesshappyfoodanddrink mod as it quite fits the theme of that mod. I will reduce it from 180 to 20 minutes, as I don’t like to disable stuff EA created on purpose completely. I played around with it yesterday and feel twenty minutes is a suitable time to be happy about using fresh ingredients compared to other moodlets.
      best regards

  4. Hello again Bees!
    Kindly disregard my last post. After further analysis, it seems that I neglected to install two package files that contributed to my population swell: unimportantsims and nonewpetstrays. I apologize for accusing your mod of a defect. I will install them now. Thanks.

    1. Hi PokaNYC,
      those two files are indeed crucial for the mod to properly work, especially the unimportantsims one, but lately also the nonewpetstrays one as the game is currently obsessed with creating new pets.
      Best regards

  5. Hello Bees! I was wondering since this forum doesn’t allow for uploading pictures, is there someway I can send a pic to accompany an issue I am having? It seems that the townie overhaul is not working right in my game since the update. I use MCCC and I do weekly log files for better control of my sim population. Since I’ve updated townie overhaul, the population has swelled to numbers that exceeded my preferences. I wanted to send you one image of some log files to prove this matter. Alternatively, if possible, I’d like some insight from you as to what could be causing the influx of new townies. Thanks.

    1. Hi PokaNYC,
      this sounds like you do have some MCCC settings activated that clash with my townieoverhaul_lessfame. I believe the default settings for townies are compatible with my mod, but a lot of the other setting are not (and I fear it’s getting more with every MCCC update). I personally don’t use MCCC. Probably it works better with Paulsons NPCmod as it’a a script mod and therefore prevails upon any conflicting MCC settings, but the free version of Paulson’s mod is always quite outdated so I cannot recommend it personally.
      Uploading pictures is not allowed here. You could send me a picture per PM at the official forums (my ID is 83bienchen), though.
      Generally spoken, the number of townies being generated varies according to which lots you are on and how many townies you already have. For instance, if you take a job at the police a lot of townies will be created because they are needed for that career to function properly. There are other situations that are alike, but I cannot post all of them. If you keep deleting the townies that are generated despite my mod instead of giving them makeovers, you will never get a save with no new townies being created. In my six year old save, new townies are created only after a new pack has been released.
      The last townieoverhaul update was really tiny so I highly doubt it the minor changes I made could be the cause of the problem you are describing.
      Best regards

    1. Hi Ariella,
      the red X simply means that a mod makes the situation in the preview less likely or completely deactivates it. I tend to avoid the red X recently because a lot of people keep asking about it.
      Mods that are no longer updated get transfered into the outdated mods list.
      Best regards

  6. Hi! I was wondering if you could check into your plantsgodormantinwinteronly mod, it’s throwing LE’s with the Better Exceptions Mod by Twisted Mexi and telling me to remove it from my game, which I don’t want to do obviously. If it is still functioning as intended then I will simply ignore the LE’s and continue using it. Thanks!

    1. Hi Nicole,
      I will check, I’m using Better Exceptions anyway. Do you use other plant mods besides plantsgodormantinwinteronly?
      Best regards

    2. Hi Nicole,
      I’ve been testing until now and didn’t get a single LE so far. I think you should test whether you still get LEs when you remove every mod except mine and Twisted Mexi’s. If it persist, I’d be glad if you could post the LE here.
      Also, I’d like to know what plants you have on the lot when you’re getting the LE.
      Best regards and thanks in advance

  7. Hello,
    Did you already update the WhimOverhaul for the newest Wellness-Day patch? I am only getting whims related to this patch and it keeps repeating itself… I dont know what to do… My sim wants a mani/pedi every 5 seconds!!! Also, the whims became so general again and they keep wanting the most banal and random things…

    1. Hi Brugruber,
      I have added new whims for the new Wellness-Day, but as always, they are getting more fine tuning as I play with the new features – which I couldn’t this time as my PC needed a repair.
      But I’m curious what you mean with banal and random things. All whims are linked to the traits, moods and preferences of the Sims.
      Anyways, there’s a bigger update coming for my whimoverhaul which actually aims at Sims getting a greater variety of Sims. I can only work what is there though and randomness is utterly broken in this game by now. If there is a variety of whims, Sims will almost always get the same ones anyway for that very reason. That is why I am currently working on a workaround that will give Sims a greater variety of whims.
      Best regards

  8. Thanks so much for your mods! I recently just found your site! I was wondering a couple things though..
    1) is it possible to make a mod to stop the skills popup icons in the middle of the screen (when your sim gains a level and it shows up in middle of the screen)
    2) for the UI normal mod, when I download it there’s a lot of files…do I put only one in? Or all of them..its not really explained so I’m a little confused with it.
    3) also is it possible to create a mod to disable the character values popups? I have a mod that disables the values from changing but I’d like a mod to stop the chance cards from even popping up
    Thanks for taking the time to read (and hopefully respond!)

    1. Hi Brokahhb,
      1) There already is a mod for that here:
      2) There’s a package for each emotion so you put in all if you want normal ui pictures for every emotion, otherwise you just put in the packages for the emotion you don’t like the ui picture off (I personally hate the flirty ui picture, but don’t mind some of the others like bored, angry, …)
      3) There’s already a mod for that as well:
      Best regards

  9. Hi! First of all I want to say thanks for all the awesome mods. Im having an issue where I put them in my mod folder and they aren’t showing up in game. I had them one folder deep in a „Bienchen“ folder first and they didn’t show up, then I took them out and put them right into the mod folder and still they don’t show up. All of my other mods show up fine. I play on a Mac and was wondering if there is something I’m supposed to be doing to make them work in game as I know sometimes Mac can be more finicky with mods. If you’re able to help that would be great. If you have no idea what’s going on that’s fine and I’ll just delete them no problem, but I just thought I’d reach out and see if maybe its just something I’m doing wrong. Thanks again.

    1. Hi Stephanie,
      there’s actually nothing special about installing my mods. I mean you do have to unpack them before you can use them, but I think that is the case with other mods as well. They are packed as rar-files so you will need to use a programm that is able to unpack rar files (there are a couple of free programs available for that purpose). They aren’t script mods so you can put them more than one folder deep and they will still work.
      I don’t know what other mods you use, but actually you do not really „see“ my mods when you install them. They work in the background and fix stuff, you will not get a special pop-up telling you that you installed them.
      I don’t know anything about Mac, but I have had no complaints at all during the last years of any Mac user not being able to play with my mods.
      Best regards and I hope I could help you a bit

  10. Hi Bienchen! Is there a place here on your website where I can download all the new mods, and the ones that has been updated? It could be really handy if that could be a thing! Love your mods, and thank you for making them 🙂

    1. Hi Snowkitty,
      currently not. I will ask my host,though, whether she could make it possible to offer the updated mods in one file. I’m not sure if this can be a thing because it might result in traffic problems, but I’ll check.
      Best regards

  11. Hallo Bienchen. Ich habe bemerkt, dass durch irgendeinen Mod die Aktion „Ein Glas Wasser nehmen“ verschwindet. Weisst du evtl. welcher es sein könnte? Ich habe sehr viele Mods von dir & wenn ich alle komplet entferne, ist die Aktion wieder da.

    Liebe Grüsse <3

    1. Hallo MS,
      das ist die thirsttweak, ist aber nur temporär, solange die Autonomie noch kaputt ist. Ich probiere es nach jedem Patch aus, ob man die Interaktion wieder aktivieren kann.

  12. Hello Bienchen!! How are you? Thank you so much for the updates and especially for this awesome „callandvisittweak“ Mod. Since EcoLifestyle EA disappeared with several invitations and never fixed again, thanks to their mod they came back. Hope the birthday invitations are also included, I loved it.

    1. Hi Rosana,
      I’m currently working on getting my computer to work again, but otherwise I’m fine. The bithdaypartyinvitions are actually not included with callandvisittweak because I got a separate mod for those (noagingatbirthdaypartyinvites) and they would conflict otherwise. You might want to check that one out. It’s in the Autonomy Mods section and will also stop the Sim that invites to their party from autonomously aging up (you could still age them via the cake option if you’d want to, though).
      Best regards

    1. Hi A,
      have you checked that you did not download any files for packs you don’t have? This should not occur normally and I haven’t had any similar reports before yours. The mod also still works for me (but I do have all the packs I modified, naturally).
      Best regards

  13. Hi Bienchen,
    Does your more children at parks version 2 (and more children at co-venues) and more children at parks conflict ?
    Tray importer is telling me they do 🙁

    1. Hi Cait,
      no they don’t conflict. They are partly using the same tuning files but I made sure that there is no conflict. Tray importer just checks whether a mod uses partly the same tuning as another mod, it is unable to check whether the mod creator made sure that the tuning changes do work for several mods.
      Best regards

  14. As much as I love you and your work, to put it bluntly…I find it difficult to navigate this website. Sometimes, I wonder if you like to torture us and I also wonder if I should give up having your mods because it takes a minimum of 3+ hours to go through one by one, category by category, then found that I’m in the wrong category, go to the right category, download, do it all again every time there’s an update. It’s hell! I always make sure this is squared away first because all of my other mods are quick and painless.

    Please if there is any warmth in your heart, please consider making an Mod Overview List or something. I’ll even help! I don’t know anything about computer programming, but I’ll learn. Or if you COULD NOT organize it by category and put the mods in one place with the links, that’d be freaking amazing. PLEASE! I’ll even pay at this point because I LOVE your content, but your website…yeesh.

    Here’s a great example, I have a lot of her mods, but every update, I’m in and out in less than 30 minutes: https://lms-mods.com/

    If not, that’s cool too, but I can’t guarantee I’ll stay here much longer. I’ll have to see if someone else has similar mods. I just don’t have the time or the patience to do this anymore. Sorry.

    1. Hey uh, just wanted to give you a tip to speed it up- Over on the right side of the screen is a „News“ section with all of the updated mods listed. You don’t have to redownload every mod you have after a patch, only the ones you have that are on her updated list. If it’s not on the list, it didn’t need an update. So when I wanted to update naturewalkforeveryone from the list, I open the link in a new tab, which opens the Seasons mod page. Press Ctrl+F to bring up the browser search bar, type in a keyword, for instance „nature“, and the search will quickly bring me to the mod I’m looking for. I download, close the tab, and repeat for all the mods I need from the updated list.

    2. It’s really not that difficult to navigate at all. Not sure why you have so much trouble. Should not take 3 hours. Not even 1. Super rude comment, though. Torture? Really? What a ridiculous thing to say.

    3. Hi Mae,
      as I am not the host of this site, I cannot interfere with how they are organized. I’m glad enough that my host still keeps this page alive despite having stopped playing the game herself over a year ago.
      I wouldn’t know where to keep my mods if she wasn’t there to take care of them after my own server space got deleted recently.
      Also, you also got quite some tips for easy navigation by others already. I’m quite frankly not even a fan of mod lists that only contain the name of the mod.
      Best regards

    4. the.audacity… seriously. You’d better be contributing an impressive amount financially if you’re making demands that would take a huge amount of work for you individually. I recommend you chat with some other mod experienced people online (theres millions of em) so it doesnt take up the majority of your day to merely update your mods for a game… damn man. just be grateful that someone has decided to share their work with you, let alone the above and beyond they do for us, for absolutely nothing..

    1. Hi mis_tee,
      „neu“ ist the German word for „new“. Which can be misleading in some cases because there are mods that have never needed an update since I released them and they are still listed as „neu“ even though they are actually several years old.
      Best regards

  15. Hi! I downloaded the townieoverhaul_lessfame mod, but I’m running into an issue where foxes are not being hidden despite the mod having a file to hide foxes. It’s actually creating a lot of fox households!

    1. Hi Viperine,
      that file might not be working anymore as EA changed the underlying programming when they fixed the creation of endless foxes. But I cannot check and confirm this for sure before I get my computer fixed properly.
      Best regards

  16. Hallo Bienchen,
    das „Problem“ von Sinuhe30 teile ich. Leider habe ich Deine „alte Datei“ überschrieben, die war okay. Könntest Du eventuell die alte Datei, für Sinuhe30 und mir, zusätzlich für Menschen, die nicht alle Zusatzinhalte erwerben, als Auswahl auf Deiner Downloadseite hinzufügen? Alter und neuer Modus oder so.

    sei gegrüßt
    Uhu 🙂

    1. Hallo Uhu,
      leider kann ich im Moment überhaupt nichts hochladen, zu meinen habe ich keinen eigenen Server mehr und zum anderen ist mein PC kaputt.
      Viele Grüße

  17. Hello! I’m trying to download this mod (Personality Please by PolarBearSims) and I noticed the cats & dogs add on has pet to pet interactions. I’m concerned it might conflict with your pet sanity pet to pet interactions? I tried to ask the creator but got no response. It it possible you could take a look and let me know if it’s ok for me to use it? I’d love to use both if I can! https://modthesims.info/download.php?t=594573

    1. Hi Nicole,
      those two do actually conflict. You can choose either one (from what I read, that addon is trying (?) to do the same I did with catanddogsanity_pettopet. I haven’t tried her’s so I cannot say which one works better. You should check with the mod conflict detector whether it conflicts with other mods of your’s though as that mod generally uses a lot of tuning files.
      Best regards

  18. Hi there. I wanted to double-check on the new update for socializationaddsentimenttweak. Before, there was an addon package so that there were no negative sentiments for not getting a Festival of Youth blessing. In this new uploaded file, that add-on isn’t in the zip file.

    Is it included now in the updated package? The description still says it’s an add-on, so I wasn’t sure if I missed something. Thank you so much. I hope you’re doing well.

    1. Hi Kristina,
      the negative sentiment for not getting a blessing at the youth festival was fixed by EA in one of the last patches so that part of the mod is no longer included. It wouldn’t need an update though, so you could still keep it installed if you wish to ban that sentiment permanently.
      Best regards

    2. Thank you so much. I see what happened now.

      I’ve been updating it along with your updates, and now I see removed the sims4me_noyouthfestivalunblessedsentiment package sometime back in June with your update back then. And I hadn’t had any problems with the Festival of Youth. Until now, lol.

      I think they rebroke it in either Cottage Living or the Spa Refresh update. Suddenly my Sims‘ kids are spending a week sad and angry that they didn’t get blessed. I even tried removing the sentiment via the UI from the parents and kids, but it keeps coming back. It’s been so long since it happened that I thought I missed something.

      I’m popping it back in from an old download I have, and I bet that’ll fix it. Thanks for answering so quickly.

    3. Hi Kristina,
      thanks for letting me know. I’ll take that mod back in then with the next update (after I get my computer sorted to work properly again).
      Best regards

  19. Hallo Bienchen,
    Ich hoffe, dass diese Woche gut für dich angefangen hat 😉
    Ich hätte da eine Frage zu einem mod von dir in meinem Spiel, den ich auf deiner Seite hier leider nicht finden kann. – Er heisst: „straycatsinislandworld“ Datum ist von Juli 2020.
    Ich wollte nachsehen, ob der eventuell ein Update braucht, aber in der Katzen & Hunde Rubrik aber ist nur dieser für CityLiving, nicht aber dieser hier. Auch in den anderen Rubriken ist nichts zu finden zu diesem Mod. (oder ich brauch ’ne neue Brille 😉
    Heisst das, dass ich den nicht mehr brauche, weil er eventuell „obsolete“ ist, oder warum finde ich den hier nicht? Vielen Dank im Voraus.

    1. Hallo tvdfan,
      die Mod ist ein Teil meiner somecatanddogstaysinotherworlds Mod und braucht kein Update.
      Viele Grüße

    2. Guten Morgen Bienchen,
      danke für die Aufklärung.
      Dass der besagte Mod ein Teil der von dir geanannten Mod ist, habe ich übersehen. Kein Wunder, dass ich ihn (seperat) nicht finden konnte. Hab mir jetzt einen Vermerk gemacht, dass diese zusammen in einem Download sind. Danke nochmal 🙂
      Wünsche dir einen schönen Tag.

    3. Hi tvdfan,
      kein Problem, da kannst du ja nichts dafür, dass es in der Beschreibung nicht steht. Ich nehme mir immer vor, mal die Modbeschreibungen alle zu überarbeiten, aber ich komme einfach nicht dazu. Jetzt erst recht nicht, wo mein PC kaputt gegangen ist.
      Viele Grüße

  20. Hi Bees,
    I noticed that you have a new mod called „MM-185 callandvisittweak“ that gives 2 baby onesies. You have a package file in „MM-144 amazingbirth“ that does the same thing. I use Amazing Birth and wanted to download Call and Visit Tweak. Should I omit the package file in Amazing Birth?

    1. Hi PokaNYC,
      actually, they don’t do the same thing. The amazingbirth one adds 1 random onesies when your Sim shares big news with others (they will not always get one), while the file for the callandvisittweak adds 2 random onesies to your Sims inventory when a Sim calls you to congratulate after the baby is born. You can use both or either one of them at your liking, depending on you personal preference.
      Best regards

  21. hey Bienchen, thank you for your hard work with the updates.

    I have a question: I was sure you had a mod to stop sims from using their bikes indoors, but I can’t seem to find it. Is it gone? Or did I just imagine this? hahaha

    Thanks in advance!!

    1. Hi Dafne,
      that mod is actually gone as you can see in the abandoned mod category. I recommend you use Zero’s lessautobike mod instead:
      I use it myself and it was the reason for me to give up on my bikeoutside mod. Bikes are just not programmed in a way that would allow my mod to work 100% as intended and Zero’s approach is different, but keeps my sanity when using a bike with a really simple tuning change.
      Best regards

  22. Hallo Bienchen,
    auch von mir mal wieder ein ganz dickes Danke für all die tollen Mods.
    Heute habe ich die Mods geupdatet und kam danach nicht mehr in meinen Spielstand rein. Mein Spiel warf mich zurück in die Weltenübersicht mit einem Fehlercode.
    Habe alle Updates dann nach und nach getestet. Es ist die NoFestivalNotificationSound Mod, die das auslöst. Habe sie alleine getestet und wurde gleich rausgeschmissen, ohne sie läuft mein Spiel.
    Auch ein erneutes runterladen dieser Mod und alleiniges testen wirft mir den Fehlercode raus und wirft mich in die Weltenübersicht.

    Liebe Grüße

    1. I can confirm that I also got an error code yesterday. Logging in and creating a new family (mix of three separate saved sims) went well, but when clicking on their house in order to play them – boom! Hello world map, hello dumb error message. Since the s4m mods were the only updates yesterday, I removed everything „s4m“ from the game so I could start playing again (and tear my hair at all idiotic garbage now happening since the s4m iron wall was gone). I had no idea which one of the updated mods – or the new invite overhaul – that caused this, thus I kicked out everything. But today, thanks to „Sinuhe30“ I can put everything back again – except the NofestivalNotificationSound.

    2. Hallo Simuhe,
      kann es sein, dass dir eins der nötigen Addons für die Festivals fehlt? Das ist das einzige, was ich mir jetzt vorstellen könnte. Dann muss ich die Mod wohl künftig in Module für die verschiedenen Packs aufspalten (ich selbst besitzte alle Pack, mit denen Festivals hinzukamen).
      Viele Grüße und danke fürs Bescheid geben.

    3. Hi Chris,
      I’ll look into this. I had updated this mod prior to the latest patch and forgot to upload it as I don’t use it myself. My guess is that it need to be split up into seperate packages, but it could be that EA made changes to the festival tuning I hadn’t noticed.
      Best regards and sorry for the inconvenience.

    4. Hallo Bienchen,
      bis auf Cottage Living besitze ich alle Packs. Aber bevor ich gestern die neuen Updates runtergeladen habe, gab es kein Problem mit NoFestivalNotificationSound Mod. Erst nach dem Update konnte dieser Mod nicht mehr benutzt werden, ohne das mein Spiel mich in die Weltenübersicht schmiss.
      Es ist jetzt nicht weiter tragisch, wenn ich ihn nicht mehr ins Spiel bringe, aber natürlich nervt diese dauernde Soundbenachrichtigung schon.
      Hatte jetzt kurzweilig mal deine nofestivalnotifications Mod drin, hach, endlich Ruhe in meinem Spiel, aber nun kriege ich nichts mehr mit, wann ein Festival stattfindet. Letztendlich habe ich ihn wieder entfernt.
      Vielleicht findest du ja den Grund für den Rausschmiss in die Welt.

      Alles Gute

    5. Hallo Simuhe30,
      das würde dann passen. Die Cottage Living Festivals wurden erst mit dem letzten Update hinzugefügt, vorher bezog sich die Mod nur auf die Festivals aus Schneeparadies und Großstadtleben. Ich bin aber gerade erst von der Arbeit gekommen und hab’s noch nicht geprüft, ob die Datei evtl. auch mit allen Packs Probleme macht.
      Viele Grüße

    6. Halle Bienchen,
      es eilt ja nicht, es ist wirklich keine Mod, die ich jetzt unbedingt dringend brauche.
      Trotzdem vielen Dank für deine ganzen Mühen, die du dir immer für uns machst. Ohne dich hätte ich mein Spiel schon längst verbuddelt, aus dem Fenster geworfen oder einfach genervt aufgegeben.
      Liebe Grüße

    7. Hallo Sinuhe,
      das ist gut, dass es nicht so eilt, mir ist nämlich gestern mein PC kaputt gegangen und ich muss jetzt erst mal schauen, ob ich denn wieder hinbekomme.
      Viele Grüße

    8. Das ist ärgerlich, wenn der PC den Geist aufgibt. Ich drücke dir die Daumen, dass es nur was kleines ist.
      Alles Gute

  23. Hi, first let me say thank you for your mods and all the hard work involved with so many. I want to let you know there is no link for MoreChildren at Parks…no link for either version. I just want version 1. Can you please check? Thank you.

    1. Hi Sandi Edmunds,
      all three versions are still in Misc Mods as usual. You just need to click the download button under the version you want to download. Maybe try refreshing your browser cache if you cannot see the links, because they’re all there.
      Best regars

    1. Oops, I do have another question. Does the ‚call and visit tweak‘ include blocking phone calls from ghosts? I think that used to be included in some way in the invitationsoverhaul.
      Thanks again for your time and awesome mods! 🙂

    2. Hi Ally,
      I have tweaked my faster cooking mod to hardly affect group cooking in order for group cooking to work as good as possible. That means that Sims will cook slower when they’re in a group, though still a little faster than without the mod installed. I have seeked to find a balance where group cooking still made sense but wouldn’t take ages (I didn’t tweak the time it takes for the group of cooking Sims to gather before starting to prepare a meal as they will and should wait for everyone to arrive before they get busy.

      As to callandvisittweak: noghostfix has been incorporated into the basecalls file as there were some ghost tuning files that were included in my extendedinvitationsoverhaul and could not be separated from that in a sensible way. My noghostfix was always a little incomplete when used on its own because some of the ghost tunings were tweaked by the base module of the late extendedinvitationsoverhaul.
      I might find a way to separate those if someone requested it because they only wanted to use the ghost or the basecalls part, but they are partly overlapping so I kept them in one file for now.

      Best regards

    1. Can you please explain what the different files for the „deathofsimreactiontweak“ mod each do? Thanks!

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